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MOT Fail, ABS on start up, any clues?

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Hi Guys

My '95 4.0 SE went for it's MOT last week, failed on 2 items... stop/brake lights not working and an ABS warning light.

Cured the lights by replacing the brake pedal switch but an stuck on the ABS warning light.

I used to get a warning light when I touched the brake pedal, traced this to a goosed accumulator, which I replaced... now I get the ABS warning lamp upon turning the ignition on. Obviously there is something in there that the ABS ECU isn't happy with... could it just be the fault from the accumulator that needs clearing?

Was hoping it may go away when I replaced the brake switch but it seems I'm not that lucky...

I know the easy route is to find a garage with diagnostics but just wondering if anyone has any tips that may help/it could be before I go paying out?

Cheers in advance

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The ABS lights is supposed to stay on until you hit 5 mph.

The brake switch sends a signal to the ABS ECU, If I am not mistaken there is even more then one switch sending a signal. The first symptoms are that all is normal and driving off without touching the brakes but by releasing the hand brake will let the ABS light go off as normal when you pass the 5 km per hour limit but an ABS fault is triggered with the beeping the moment you hit the brakes. This fault resets automatically with the turning off and restarting of the car within a minute or so.

If the fault is ignored and triggered a certain amount of times, the ECU will log a hard fault which needs to be reset by the Testbook, Rovacom or Autologic just like with the EAS ECU. After you resolved the problem the hard fault remains in the ECU until its memory is cleared.

I have had the same problem but do have a faultmate that can read and reset the hard fault. Ihope you are able to get someone near you that will be able to help you reset your ECU. On the other hand having the reset done by the Land Rover Dealer will most probably cure your problem without the need for any other repairs.


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Thanks for that Jos, sort of what I was hoping to hear... other than an easier way of getting it to reset than taking it to the 'stealership'.

Don't suppose you know if the ABS reset requires RR specific diagnostics or can I take it to any garage with diagnostic facilities?

Cheers again though, real big help that.
Hi... All sorted and ready for it's re-test.

Found a place in Sheffield with Autologic [WGB Autos] who plugged her in and cleared my various logged ABS faults.

Happy days.

Cheers again for the help/comments.
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