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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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Hello there , I recently bought a P38 DSE and thanks to this site fixed the eas, and hot starting issue, without the ebay gizmo, but now I and fearing that I cant find the solution on here except to remove the becm and send it away to be unlocked?

Key fob has never worked and I have got on fine only occasionally having to use the EKA function, and with no problem
till now!!!

She keeps coming up with engine disabled,
The side light lamp on the dash comes up as i input the code but she still wont let me fire her up, I have spent day s trolling this site and followed all the advice that I have gleaned, and from what i have gathered I am leaning towards being locked out from BECM,

any sagefull advice answers and low financial cost solutions wpould be appreciated and I am a motor bike mechanic and am happy to share what I know there , even if you have no advice for me now.

Help !


every now and then all indicators come on and stay on for no reason.

Battery good,
Fusebox does not look old.
Earth connections cleaned and tightened. ( may be point out i have missed some?)
Key switch works fine ( done the continuity stuff there)
connections to BEcm fusebox etc all pulled aprt cleaned and reinstalled.

blah blah bl;ah!

look forward to learning more, bring it on P38

BTW any one on veggie oil out there?

1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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If you have tested all the microswitches in the front door latch, and they are all working as they should - then yes, it could be that the BECM has alarmed itself and isn't acknowledging the EKA attempts.

Where abouts in London are you? I have the equipment to unlock BECMs - and even though I live in Swindon, I am heading away for work at the end of the week, but will possibly have some time in London over the weekend before I head away if you haven't got it sorted by then. Can probably bring my diagnostics gear down with me if needed and see about getting you back up and running.

Drop me a PM if you are interested. I try and do BECM unlocking at a reasonable price for other forum users! Failing that - and if you need it before the weekend, then there are other places that do it - All Car Electrics near Gatwick do a mobile service. One of the other owners I talked to about doing unlocking for him said they quoted £150 to send it to them, or £250 to come out an do it. Also there is Callrova down in Brighton, but it would have to be sent off to them. I am not sure what they charge for unlocking though.

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