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Monitor Headrests for 2007 Supercharged Range Rover

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Hello Everyone!

I found a 2007 Supercharged Range Rover with a decent price and decent miles! It had all the options I know the Range Rover has except the Rear Entertainment System!

I'd like to know if it's possible to add the OEM headrests later with the OEM Audio/Video inputs located in the back under the climate controls!

Thanks in advance!
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My first new Range Rover I bought in 2006 didnt come with them either and the dealer was unable to put in the factory units cause they said the whole nav/screen would have to be replaced as well. I had to opt for dealer installed ones and they did nothing buy mess up my electrical system plus the remote sucked. Since then I have bought another new Range Rover with the factory DVD this time and am much happier. Good luck.
Anything is possible if you throw enough money at them, but the retrofit of a factory RSE system would probably be very, very expensive. In addition to all the wiring and connecting of DVD changer, RSE module, headrest monitors within the existing optical network, the infotainment software would have to be modified to "wake up" the dormant A/V inputs and DVD and Rear Entertainment interfaces on the front touchscreen, and my guess is that your average service dept. has no idea how to do all that, anyway (witness the above claim that the whole nav screen would have to be replaced... :roll:) They are factory options for a reason, very complicated to install after the car is built.

Aftermarket is the way to go IMHO, a competent shop can probably come up with something nearly as well integrated as the factory system for a fraction of the retrofit cost.
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