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Modifying MY07 TDV8?

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I am the happy owner of a Range Rover TDV8 MY07 VOGUE, but I think it lacks a little power. I know that in England is a series of companies that offer modification of my engine, but there is also a specialist in Germany? I live in Denmark, so it will be easier to drive to Germany, rather than take the trip to England.

Best regards from Denmark, car hating country NO. 1 ;)
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Have a look here: http://www.tuningbox.com/ANG/marka.php

It's send to you by mail, its plug and play..... and drive.
I've just joined this forum and I'll try not to incur the wrath of the moderators (in light of previous posts on these guys), but I believe JE Engineering have a place in Germany. Their UK site shows a Stage 1 tune for the TDV8 giving 315PS. I have used them in the UK over a number of years and I've always found them extremely helpful.

go with JE if you can - no question - very highly thought of in GB, they also have long standing historic links with LR. I have no links with the company just a very satisfied customer...

A remap is always better than a tuning box, the box only has one benefit and that is you can remove it prior to a service or sale of the vehicle. Most box's only dump additional fuel, a map from a good company balances everything including fuel pressure, turbo pressure etc etc. There is no nedd for me to rewrite all the benefits with a map there is enough info on the web already.

Be very wary of cheap box's and maps, I know of one person who had his TDV8 done and the excessive heat warped the exhaust manifolds...
Bring it to me and I'll sort it out with an Alive Tuning package. :wink:
Rich998a said:
Vogue said:
he's in Denmark
I'll fly out.. :wink:
That's the spirit! The real 'can do' attitude. `)
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