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HI all,

Just surrendered my 99' P38 (after being the sole owner since new in '99) and bought a 2006 MKIII. I have researched the forum a bit and am curious as to what is the best recommendation for IPOD integration? Sounds like the 2007-on ACM kit can work according to one post? Again, any tips at all would be appreciated.

A car audio specialist here in Seattle claims they have a kit that will integrate ipod as well as allow for ipod video playback on the factory headunit for about $2300 installed. yikes. Any experiences with this config?

Also, any use at all for the Nokia phone jack?

Thanks for any input.

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Yeah, I looked all over myself and didn't find anything (except a bunch of folk asking the same Q w/o any replies :doh: )

I'll post my experiences for anyone searching in the future.
For starters, make sure you don't have an aux input hidden somewhere by verifying that there's no aux/ listed with cd/radio/sat, just toggle on your stereo head unit. If aux is listed, then you've got a potential ipod input somewhere, you just have to hunt for it. If you have the RES (Rear Ent. Syst.) you def have it.

So there are super expensive major procedures that can cost upwards of $3k, or for <$500 you can enjoy your ipod w/ minimal intrusion to the native system. The super expensive but probably the best turnkey solution if you want a true ipod integration system (in fact better than the MY'06 and above OEM option) is Nav-TV video Tv unit. I'm sure there are several other options which basically require a complete head unit change, but NAV-TV seems to be the name most reputable guys I've spoken to swear by. I wasn't interested in all that, as I lived with my Aux cable based solutions for ~4 years with my RRS, so I was used to not seeing the track info or use the LR's steering wheel controls.

SO if you want a cheaper but functional alternative:

Nav-TV has a more basic version for about $400 that provides an auxiliary connection. Go to http://navtv.com/product.php?ProductID=5 put in your exact vehicle info with specs, like rear cam, nav, etc, and it will find the best unit they have for that vehicle. Copy that info and then google the hell out of it to find the lowest price. I then sent them (NAV-TV.com) the link of the lowest price and they beat it by an additional 5%, and sent it next day air. It essentially will put an aux input where your cd changer is. If you know a really savvy installer they can save your cd changer functionality by using a bypass switch. excellent if you want to still be able to play the occasional cd now and then, and not a big deal for a pro to install (Anyone near NJ should call Isaac of Car-Tronix @ 973-883-6186 tell them AL sent you). you should also get an i-simple cable from amazon for $20, as it'll let you power and playback audio via the main bottom part vs. the headphone jack. Much better audio quality.

Lastly, get an ipod controller for your steering wheel from Scosche Wireless RF Remote for iPod and iPhone. It allows passthrough charging and play.

Anyway, hope this helps, and welcome to the LR world, where nothing's easy, but nothing's impossible.

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