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Missing option from a brand new MY19 RRS

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Hi guys,
I ordered an MY19 RRS SDV6 SE last year and it finally arrived in the dealership today (Sydney, Australia). Went to check the car before payment as I had noticed one of the Vision Assist Pack item, is missing upon checking the VIN in TOPIX.

This is the Surround View Camera Option. A real bummer given this is one of the main reason we ordered a custom car, instead of taking a floor stock! :???: :neutral:

The dealership is checking with HQ, but is blaming a change from MY18 -> MY19 on the Vision Assist Pack and it wasn't communicated to them. (Doesn't make sense as they charged me the full price for a pack but only get partial of what I'm paying for).

I highly suspect it's them who have missed it when ordering.

Any previous experience with a missed option or two from a custom-order car? Keen to hear your experience/thoughts.
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I have not had that experience, but I would personally not accept delivery of the vehicle. Especially, if that was one of your 'must have' features. I am sure that your dealer will be willing to work with you to remedy the situation.
Did you get an order sheet when you put your down payment? This is a printout of the actual order with all options and specs from their vista system(jlr ordering program) refer to that if they didnt give it to you ask them for a printout to see who made the mistake.
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