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misfire city

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i know what they technically "mean" thanks to the search function . but i don't know what they mean in context as this is a first for me. it's been 30k (i broke 100k last week) since my last service so she's due for a a tune up. but this has never happened b/f. she's very well looked after and has been running great. actually with a platoon of misfires she still fights like a comanche.

is it safe to drive to the shop or will i do more harm? plugs, wires, packs, a leak somewhere? all of the above?
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Sounds like a chain of misfires... The last code you listed comes up as "misfire due to low fuel level". I would get some new plugs and wires, and check the fuel pressure as well. If that doesn't help I would suspect a sensor problem. When do the codes show up, when the engine is warm or cold?
thanks for the input scott. it's misfiring immediately when started and it continues in the same state after warm. do i need a 2d mortgage on this one? :pray:
just to add to the preceding, this commenced the other morning while running/driving perfectly well on the highway. cruising along and began running rough and losing power. then scanned and shows the mentioned codes. obviously i have difficulty believing four plugs and or wires or leads went all in one fell swoop. coil pack or sensor most likely? rang up my stealer and their service chief (who has earned my trust and admiration so i don't mind sending him work) said not to panic it's probably the coil pack. if i remember correctly the main site posted that 01-02 bosch's like to fry coil packs.
yeah, it sounds more like a coil pack problem.
we'll know tomorrow. i'm encouraged by the drive over there if that's possible with an ses light intermittenly flashing and zero pickup. once you reach cruising speed it's far less noticible. it's the taking off that's truly pathetic.

they have a really sexy red p38 wtih tan interior over there. poor thing is like a wallflower with the all late model rovers getting the attention every day. it's just hanging out on its own in a distant part of the lot. truly beautiful condition too. think i 'll ask what the story is with her when they call me just for the hell of it.
dutchfrompredator said:
...rang up my stealer ... said not to panic it's probably the coil pack.
While rubbing his hands and laughing fiendishly. Pucker up, it's gonna hurt a little.
right you are. just got off the phone with him. top end is coming off and it's going to be nothing but pain from there. :(
i'll know more by tomorrow evening. there is zero compression in cylinder 3 and multiple misfires, probably a cam problem according to the stealer. anyone got anything? advice? free 4.6 motor with 5k miles? hemlock?

can i have "short blocks" for a thousand please alex? :doh:
A cam problem? That would be a new one.
and as it turns out a valve spring cracked, broke, and proceeded to fall into the valve opening after which the proverbial wrench was thrown into the proverbial fan. with the assistance of all magical things occurring inside the cylinder it proceeded to shred cylinder three and damage the block severely every time the valve found a way to open and close and ricochet the pieces of jagged spring. fixable but at a horrible price. :(

considering getting another p38 (which blows b/c the wife and i adored this one and it was an '02) and cannibalizing this one as the need arises. pretty much a freak thing according to the stealer. i'd have to do a short block and have the cylinder block machined if possible to guarantee good pressure and smooth stroke going forward. cost of parts is bad. amount of labor is worse. i work six days a week and just can't do it. really leaning toward a replacement 38 b/c what can i say? we love them. i don't know if i have the balls to use a classic as a daily. i'm crazy but i commute alot and need to arrive. i'm not 322 material either. it's just not me. they're great but a tad nouveau for my blood.

if i don't go 38 stay tuned for action in bst b/c just about everything else works very well.
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Crikey. :shock:

I'm not sure how to put this (english not being my native language) but I hope things go better real soon for you!
thanks for the sentiments barge.
i'm not going to kick rocks and stamp my feet about it. that's life. it treated my family very well and it will always have a place in our hearts. this truck truly left it all on the field.
hopefully it will live on as a parts truck for the beauty i'm looking at right now. if that one scans well and passes muster i'll buy it next week. :thumb:
the wife and i are p38 addicts.
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