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Anyone know if an up to date version of Microcat is available on the net, I've just had to replace the drivers seat belt socket and the part number has been undated (doesn't exist in my Microcat) and the price has gone up from 29 quid to 64 and quite a few items have increased, strange slump this one, normally in a recession, prices go down to increase sales, I've noticed this time a lot off prices have risen, presumably to maintain turnover with lower sales figures. :naughty:
chhers John
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The last one I saw on the 'Net was Mar (or May) 2009.
We've got July 09 and August is due in pretty soon.

Why not call on 01823 674561 on Monday, and just see what sort of discount we could offer on the part? Even if we can't help with supply, we could give the part number and just check the retail price.
Prices are rising because so many things are manufactured abroad and the pound has gotten weaker.
:thumb: good point Tim, thanks Rich, but bought the part and fitted it, those on the DHSE, though only a year later are different and won't fit the belt, should have removed the broken one first, having spent 60 quid, then removed and opened it to find a simple repair, just a broken coil spring, Ron, will search for it, but if you have a link that will help, perhaps you could put it on here, I'm sure I'm not the only one who is interested.
cheers John
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