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Message center not showing time

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This is driving my crazy, Last week the time on my message center went to this —:— and I’m not sure why. I’ve read the manual, the clock on my main display works just fine. Anyone know how I can fix this? I feel like it’s an easy fix that I’m somehow overlooking, but help fix my sanity? Thank you!
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It’s also a 2009 Range Rover sport HSE
Do a hard reset and it should come back on. ie disconnect the battery and wait for 10 mins.
That is not a hard reset. A hard reset is removing BOTH cables and touching them together for a moment. This discharges the energy stored in volatile memories and the capacitors that store the energy for them.
open the hood, take the key out of ignition , close the door, wait 15~20 min. disconnect both cables from the battery and touch them together. reconnect cables beck on, start the car and turn steering wheel full left to full right. done. :thumb:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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