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2006-2009 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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car in question:
L322 Range Rover
Tdv6, 177 bhp, Diesel
160.000 km / 100.000 miles

when accelerating in 5th gear, the car cogs / jutters until I hit the throttle heavily in a specific rev range
could be that car has similar behavior in lower gears, but barely noticeable
happens not when engine is cold, but everytime after e.g. 10 min on the motorway, leaving motorway and cruising along with 80km/h to 100km/h (50 to 60 mph)
if I drive like a maniac all is well
I can drive and the behavior is a little unsatisfying, but I am worried

What has been done so far:
completely refurbished gearbox, torque converter and oil pump have been professionally refurbished (we thought the gearbox was the reason in the first place, and then I had a gearbox breakdown so we assumed it was linked; after the heavy investment in the gearbox the problem was back)
no oil leaking from the gearbox
software check shows all is well, no errors at all
prop shaft looks ok - visibility check

My questions would be:
1. What could be the reason for this?
2. What steps would you take to narrow the problem / find the root cause?

Why do I write to you?
The local JLR dealer has inspected the car and left me clueless; finale statement was that changing parts randomly would not be a proper solution
My personal mechanic has inspected the car over and over and also is at the end of his wits

I really love my car - an old children´s dream of mine.
Best from Graz, Austria,

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I assume that your vehicle is a late 3.0 litre TD6 with the BMW engine (there isn’t a Tdv6), with the GM 5L40-E transmission?

When the transmission was re-manufactured, do you know for a fact that the valve body assembly was tested on a Hydra-Test or Axiline machine and if Sonnax valves were fitted? If not, the torque converter lock-up clutch might be a possible cause.

Another possibility might be a faulty injector.

Say hello to Graz for me. I visited on many occasions in the early 90’s when SFT were manufacturing a transmission that I was designing. Lovely place.

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