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Hi all,
I have a 2006 RR Sport at my shop. I did a bunch of work to this vehicle as it had been sitting a while. The air suspension was very slow to raise and the warning light was on with C1A120 “pressure increases too slowly when filling reservoir" I found an air leak on the reservoir and replaced that. Afterwards when I started the truck The compressor came on and filled the tank. I worked the suspension a few times and it all seemed good. However the next time I started it I got the yellow warning light and code C1A18-64 “pressure increases too rapidly when filling reservoir. I can not find a diagnostic track for this code. All I can find is a short list of things that could cause the code. I have noticed that if I drain the reservoir and start the truck, the compressor will come on, the solenoid valve for the tank will open and I can watch the pressure increase to 257PSI, where the valve will close and the compressor will stop. Then I can raise/lower the suspension, road test it and it will be fine. However after sitting a while when I start it again, the compressor will turn on, the solenoid valve will open and the pressure sensor will switch to reading tank pressure. After 4-5 seconds the valve closes, the compressor shuts down, the light comes on and the code appears. I have taken the valve block apart several times to check the solenoid, check for blockages etc. I have replaced the compressor with a factory unit and pulled the air tubes out to check for blockages. Also we had the module reflashed by a mobile diag guy. I can't figure out what is setting this code and I have hours and hours into this and I need to get out from under it. I don't understand why the system works perfectly when the tank starts out empty but will throw a code very quickly when it's not. Are there any RR techs here who can help me with this? The code seems to set when the solenoid opens and the sensor is exposed to the tank pressure. As soon as the sensor see's the pressure in the tank the code sets. Has anyone ever seen this before? I'm getting desperate and need to get this resolved for my customer, my shop, and myself. I've been pulling my hair out on this for days while everyone's time and money is being wasted.

Thanks for any help

Mike D.
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