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May be selling my baby (not literally)

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I miss having a fast car and hate having to drive my friends whenever we go on a road trip or drive to the City, so I may be looking to sell my RRS and opt for an Aston Martin Vantage. So I was checking on KBB to see how much I could get for it and I was shocked to see that at best, I would get $32K!! Sounds a little low since I purchased it for $67K. Here's the details:

2006 RRS HSE
66,000 miles
Extended warranty till 100K (transferable)
Java Black
Ebony Premium
Adaptive Front-lighting System
SIRIUS satellite radio
Personal Telephone Integration System with Bluetooth
Luxury Package
22" Stormer Wheels

Always garaged, only use Zaino products, wax it several times a year, clay bar it once a year, and is in excellent condition. I was thinking of asking $35K. Is that reasonable? Thanks!

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I have another idea that solves both of your problems.

1.. Sell the RRS for whatever you can get for it.

2.. Buy a '71 Mercury Cougar XR7 with a 429 Cobra Jet. It's asswipingly fast. Its got only two doors, fairly cramped in the back and your friends will not want to be seen in it.

Bonus points in that you can probably score one for $10-$12K, so you'll have plenty of $ left over for clubbing and some domes. :D
Drevs said:
I'll give you $20K, a booklet of food stamps, and a pair of low mileage Jordans.
Size on the Jordan's please.

Interested to know if you'd consider this deal for a non-S/C Sport, as I'd be interested if you'd throw in your Matt Leinhart autographed funnel as well. Would be a nice addition to the man-cave.

PM sent.
Yeeeeow... minx alert.

I couldn't help notice an awful lot is being asked of that button/snap. Looks like the top and bottom one gave up already.
East of the Mississippi and in parts of New England its still called a funnel. ;)

I never noticed in all the times I've seen that picture, but he's actually showing pretty poor form on the hold. By holding the arm straight out like that and depending on the shoulder muscles to support the weight of the liquid in the funnel (yes its a goddamn funnel!), it puts quite a strain on the supraspinatus and infraspinatus shoulder muscles, which are the most commonly injured rotator cuff muscles.

Btw, Dr. Nooro, feel free to chime in here if I'm wrong.

But I have to wonder if any of the doctors at the Houston Texans had seen this before they signed this guy?

Egads, where have you been mate??? It's good to have you back :thumb:

I was concerned you may have met up with the business end of a salty or something.
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