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May be selling my baby (not literally)

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I miss having a fast car and hate having to drive my friends whenever we go on a road trip or drive to the City, so I may be looking to sell my RRS and opt for an Aston Martin Vantage. So I was checking on KBB to see how much I could get for it and I was shocked to see that at best, I would get $32K!! Sounds a little low since I purchased it for $67K. Here's the details:

2006 RRS HSE
66,000 miles
Extended warranty till 100K (transferable)
Java Black
Ebony Premium
Adaptive Front-lighting System
SIRIUS satellite radio
Personal Telephone Integration System with Bluetooth
Luxury Package
22" Stormer Wheels

Always garaged, only use Zaino products, wax it several times a year, clay bar it once a year, and is in excellent condition. I was thinking of asking $35K. Is that reasonable? Thanks!

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I'll give you $20K, a booklet of food stamps, and a pair of low mileage Jordans.
Far be it from me to complain about girls looking nice, but:
Fake hair
Fake nails
Fake boobs (she gets a pass on those lol)
Fake tan
Fake eyelashes
Real stupid

did I miss anything?

gooseyloosey said:
Matt Leinhart autographed funnel as well.
It's called a beer bong, ya old fart! :wink:

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gooseyloosey said:
But I have to wonder if any of the doctors at the Houston Texans had seen this before they signed this guy?
I have to wonder if they had ever seen him play football before signing him...
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