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matte black or gloss black wheels? help me decide

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just wondering what you guys would prefer going with after market 22 or 23 inch wheels in matte black or gloss black on a black range rover sport...

thank you!
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Slykmr said:
I had satin black and could never keep the wheels clean, constantly looked nasty. The brake dust just ate through them since there was no clear coat.
......I'm not the type to give my opinion on someone else's ride, unless of course it's positive; but since you asked. :thumb:

I agree with Slykmr; I had a set of matte black wheels on another vehicle and at first I thought it was a good idea, and thought they looked unique & cool. However, very quickly they began to take on a light brown type finish due to the brake dust. Ended up I was not happy with the color or the look they offered.

Like you, I posted a question on a forum looking for feedback, and unanimously, everyone voted against the matte black.

Black wheels are hard to pull off. If you think black wheels are the way you want to go, stick with the glossy.
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