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Hi all,

i am fifty eight years years old, I live in East Sussex and I've been driving / fixing Range Rover's since 1982.
My first one was an ex police motorway patrol vehicle. Manual with no power steering and a plastic interior. 3.5 with twin Strombergs. 1976. I wish I still had it.
Currently I have a 1989 3.9 Vouge in Westminster grey. I have just bought a 2001 P38 2.5 D Autobiography in metallic red 696. I have had it for two weeks and I'm just learning about the joys of the beloved EAS. I had done the grand total of six miles before the flashing and beeping started. I walked in with my eyes open. I knew of the potential grief but hoped I might get more than six .......miles out of it before the agro started. Now I am on a very steep learning curve doing a crash course in eighteen year old air suspension. I would expect you may be seeing a lot of me on here, probably asking stupid questions.
Back to Rave. It's good to be here. Regards to all. Mark.
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