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In my quest to continue to fix all annoying RRC bits, my next project was the front overhead map light (courtesy light? reading light?).

Since getting my 92' this light has never worked, so the inside of my truck was always dark. The rear light was still working, so there was a soft glow from the back, but nothing up front. The plastic they made these from most definitely had some sort of organic cellulose/sucrose/something because it has literally turned into something the consistency of sugar rock candy:


Pulled off the lens and the overhead unit:

Something got hot, hence why it was likely not working.
There are 2 rivets holding the steel lamp cup to the plastic overhead console. I drilled out those rivets and cleaned the console:


I mistakenly got ahead of myself before taking pictures and drilled a small hole on center, through the plastic for mounting my new light.

Disclaimer: I own a lighting company and we just so happened to have a polycarbonate housing/lens that was approximately the correct size, so I got lucky. I manufacture these lights for different applications, and took the guts from a high powered light and changed some circuitry to lower the total power of the unit to about 4 watts. The "guts" we make in house as well, and have thermal monitoring, foldback, etc.


New lens on existing console ^

I then manufactured the light (using some of our proprietary construction methods to have a stainless stud leaving the back of the unit:


Test fitting everything^

I then use a large fender washer, thread lock, and nut on top. The fender washer is just insurance in case that plastic gets brittle in the future, to spread the load across the back.


This is likely overkill, but I am very happy with how it turned out! Slowly getting rid of everything that annoys me! I can build these at will if anyone else wants to undertake the conversion- The lights will likely outlive the car by many decades. They are air-free and completely sealed so no chance of bugs/dust/dirt entering the unit. Like my previous post about door handles, I like stuff to be bombproof!

Thanks for reading!

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Very nice. The dome light cover is available as PRC1634. I too replaced mine with LED, but kept it warm white to make it more period correct. The other day I noticed one of the LED started to flicker, which after ~2 year is a little disappointing. I suppose all this is cheaply made in China.
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