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Manual heater info

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Hi I have a 1996 2.5 DT with the manual heater no AC or display. My problem is the heat on drivers side is temperamental sometime it’s hot others only aired. I I press the program button it goes hot but as soon as I turn it off it is aired again.
I am suspecting the control panel since if it was a blend motor it wouldn’t get hot when I press program button. Also the distribution does not work only blows on screen
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If it’s the same set up as with AC control, then there’s more than one blend motor, I’d be checking them first.
Yes it has 2 blend motors the thing that makes me think it’s the conttolmid it goes to hot when program button is pressed if it was blend motor I would expect it to still be cold.
If the airflow is stuck on the screen then its either the distribution motor (or more annoyingly, the flaps in the box are actually jammed/binding which might have also lead to the distribution motor's demise).

Agreed though - the temperature blend motor on the problematic side might be the contacts behind that side's temperature dial. The manual 'climate control' is a bit uncommon really - I'm not sure if it has any diagnostic capability, but I'd be inclined to start by cracking it open and cleaning up the dial wiper contacts if they're accessible.
I agree it's unlikely to be the blend motor if it does go to hot in program. Could be the temperature dial. You could try different temp setting, maybe some sections of the track are burned, but it could still work at a slightly higher or lower setting.

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