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2002-2005 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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Hi Folks,

I own a 2001 P38A4.6 Vogue 130K kilometers and today took a 03 4.4p L322 vogue with 100K kilometers for a spin from local LR. It drove well on the highway 100-120kph and can't really fault it. ( some minor steering vibration) Well maintained thru its life by LR looking thru the books. It does have a completly new cooling system radiator, overflow hoses etc. Nothing else done to it , but I wonder if you could give me some tips on key recall & TSB work that should be done on these l322 .I have gone thru MKIII common fault/solution pages and found two recall note. I.e Diff issue LAND ROVER RECALL NO. P041 & Door Seals Leaking Service Bulletin Num: 501012. Date of Bulletin: MAR 14, 2006 . The Diff recall sounds like the key one for L322 . From experiance with P38A , EAS was the main issues ( goes to crawl speed ) once and got the compressor seal replaces 2 years ago and all is well ,touch wood. What other TSB should mandatory for L322 ?


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