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Dealer gave me the wrong manual for my 2018 RRS and the online manual has very little on the topic. Looking for some pieces of advice/direction:

1) I primarily listen to Sirius XM so I know how to click the star by a station to add it to favorites. But once added, is it possible to rearrange the order of the stations?

2) What is the easiest way to navigate through your favorites? The steering wheel control is ideal as you simply click forward and back to go through the list of favorites, but for a passenger, is there an easy way to "see" the favorites and scroll through them easily? The touch screen "fwd and bkd arrows" seem to simply scroll up and down the entire list, not the favorites. And it seems tiresome to touch favorites, then touch a station, then touch favorites, then touch another station.

3) I see there's a "quick list" of sorts? I think it's tied to the favorites that you click the star with the circular arrow around it. I really can't seem to make sense of this but perhaps this is sort of what I'm seeking? Are there best practices here that people can share?

Thanks all.
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