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MAF Cleaning RR Sport V8 2014

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I have had recent "no start" issues with a Range Rover Sport 2014 (30,000klm). The mass air flows sensors were cleaned at RR service and the problem hasn't reappeared.

I was wanting to be proactive and periodically clean the sensors with a MAF cleaner myself. The question I am asking is what part of the sensor is cleaned since I can't see any visible thermister to clean. The unit is full encased.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Follow the wire to the MAF, then remove that whole intake section. From the filter side, there should be 2 small wires mounted horizontally, just spray those down with a MAF cleaner. If they are gunky, maybe agitate it lightly with a q-tip, but be bery gentle, they are fragile. That’s all the cleaning you can do on a MAF. And of course, you have 2 of them, one after each air filter box.
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