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M62TU: Lessons Learned

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Kind of late in the game, as most are/have already upgraded to the later models with the Jag engines, but for those M62TU die-hards, I thought I create a thread of "Lesson's Learn" or stupid mistakes so others could possibly avoid.

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1) When reinstalling the Oil Rails on top of each camshaft, make sure to use the low profile (short) nuts that originally came off. I was not paying attention when installing and used a few of the regular 10mm nuts that are taller, which then caused my valve covers to leak, as the taller nuts don't allow the VC nuts to fully compress the VC gasket.
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I tried to re-seal the leaking valley pan cover by removing the old worn out gasket and applying a bead of black silicone in place of the gasket, let cure for a week, filled it up with coolant, started leaking immediately. Had to go back in and replace the valley pan - no more leaks.
Lots of RTV on the half moons for the VCG.

Replace the NRVs before touching VANOS/guides/tensioner for startup clatter

Always rebuild the VANOS if you can, down low torque is worth it

Don't be afraid to yank on the electrical boxes above the injectors, spent so much time carefully removing them when all it takes is a good bit of force

Replace the crossover heater core pipe at the back of the engine before the valley pan

Be very careful when removing the water pump, the large pipes can and probably will come out and leak

Lots of silicone grease when installing the water pump, I had such an annoying leak because of that

Ratcheting 10mm box end makes the water pump go much faster

I love the M62tu, I'll definitely always be on the lookout for another one. After selling the last of my 2003s, my 2005, and my 2004 parts car I regrettably never bought another. Now there's only one near me for sale, and it's a bucket of crap!

The front end is so much nicer than 06-12.. reminds me of my L318s, and a little of my RRCs.
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Moderators: If you find this thread useless, please remove....
LMAO Unless you are using profanity, spamming or selling Avon.... that is not likely to happen. :lol:
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