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Lumpy ride / air springs and stereo Q's

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Ive not long had my 95 4.6 HSE and i have been wondering if it was worth it. It seems to be plagued with a fair few what i would term moderate niggles.

1. The general ride comfort is deffinately lumpy. It feels as though the wheels need balancing. So thats what I had done. I also replaced the front steering damper and track rod (one behind front axle). It tightend the steering up slightly but having the wheekls balanced made no noticable difference. Any clues....?

2. Getting underneath I found that the rear air springs appeared quite worn. When it was at normal ride height, the rubber at the bootom of the spring was perished and the ply was visible all the way around. On furtehr inspection - all but the front off side were in teh same condition. The FOS one look as though it had been replaced fairly recently. Having read a few posts, it seems as though the rest need replacing sooner rather than later - is this the case. Would this cause any of the syptoms above?

3. It has been fitted with 19" Range rover Sport alloys. They look the dogs kahoonas but Im told this will affect the ride / streering. Should they be changed back to stock 18"ers.

4. Stereo. Firstly I tried to replace the original one with a nice Alpine so I could use my parrot LS4200 bluetooth kit. I realised soon about it having 5 pairts of speaker wires coming out - 5th being the sub and that they needed a power output to run the amps. It all seemed fairly straight forward untill I couldnnt get the exact same voltage as the stock unit put out to run the amps. I think it was 4.6v from memory - but im not sure. The Alpine did have a voltage out but it was a different voltage. In the end I put the original one back in - but not bluetooth / mp3 facility. Other than by pass the amps and wire the speakers in directly is there any otehr options I havnt found or considered?

4.1 Radio - the FM signal is appaling. I have read the various post stating add 5' of wire to each of the rear window amps and tuck it into the headlining. Did this but it made no difference - if not made it worse. Do the signal amps fail? or is teh problem with the head unit. The cassette and CD work fine (almost).

4.2 Sub. when it works - you can tell. But I got my good lady to drive back from the Yorkshire show yesterday and I sat in the back. I noticed that the sub kept on cutting out - frequently. Ive had it completely out and so Im confident that all the connections at the sub end are all ok. Is there any weak point in the wiring anywhere else?

Ive got more questions that I will put on another post.......the list goes on.

Durham - UK
1995 4.6 HSE
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Answering questions 1-3, I think it could be a combination of things. If the ride is lumpy, I guess you are saying it is hard and/or vague steering? The 19" rims are cool, but the problem is that the walls are too low to absorb any rough road. One or two on the site have reverted back to the 16" from the 18" rims just because of this so I'd say 18" is about as far as you'd want to go. The 19" tyres are likely to be road bias tyres and they can pull you left and right over the road surface even with a tight steering system. If there is play in the steering then it could be a drop arm ball joint or once of the other ball joints in the steering system.

The airsprings should be fine and won't really affect the ride. However, if they are starting to perish, then you may as well get them changed. They are cheap enough provided you go OEM Dunlop and not the dealership parts department. Once they start to leak, then it puts pressure on the rest of the EAS system and you will find the compressor will wear out soon after and they are not a cheap item.

If you are getting wheel wobble, then it is likely you need to re-balance again and check the integrity of the brake discs and rims for any damage. Also worth getting the alignment set to neutral at the same time. Wobble starts from a rotating unit (i.e. the wheels most likely) and the wobble gets worse once something else such as bad bushings or non functioning steering damper get involved.
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I sent my radio out to RoverVille to get totally refurbished.

They also intalled and AUX jack for my iphone to play music.

I have a Parrot system installed in my RR but I gave up and installed speakers for the parrot system but still using the mute functionality of the radio.
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