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I purchased a set of aftermarket wheels, which I was getting put on by my dealer (i did not get the wheels from the dealer, but he was doing other work on my car so i was going to get the wheels put on at the same time). So the dealer tells me the lugnuts that I have are not the correct fit for the rims. He says there is about an 1/8" room around the lug nut for the wheel to move on. If the lugnut is tightened, then obviously the wheel doesn't move. Meaning basically that the head of the lugnut/washer is bigger than the hole; however, the tappered portion (where the threading is) is smaller so if not tightened the wheel can be giggled a little bit. I talked to the ppl who sent me the wheels and they said it is the correct lugnut and that aftermarket lug nuts are not going to fit exactly in the hole.

Is the dealer just being apprehensive because they are not used to putting on aftermarket wheels or is there really a problem??
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