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( LPG / Petrol) Another Carb’ question

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Hello, new to the site and have recently purchased a tidy RRC 3.5 V8 (no rust, 200000kms, duel fuel / LPG) and am intending a resto/mod. I’ve searced and read some great posts on Carb options here on the forum. My Classic runs like a rocket on gas, but a dog on petrol. As part of the “do up” is it worth considering going to a single carb conversion? Advice much appreciated, thank you.
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So I don't know now the LPG installation works, but you can change your dual carb setup by changing the inlet manifold to a 'standard' American 4 barrel flange. Then you can fit all sorts of stuff including throttle body injection. I have gone this way with a Holley Sniper EFI with great results. Since LPG is not a common installation in the USA I am not sure how you can integrate an LPG system into such a setup.

Since I presume you will be driving LPG most of the time I suggest you try and service your carbs, they are quite common and you should be able to take them apart and service with new parts. Then there will be some tuning which will be well documented online.
I ran a 3.5 for years on LPG and petrol, what have you done to dry and sort the petrol side? Have the carbs been balanced and the mixture set? Has someone advanced the timing loads for the LPG?
Thanks chaps. Taking the old girl into the local Expert for a tune
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