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LPG main fuse blown

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Running on LPG today and the fuse decides to go. It was an ancient fuse so wondered if it was just it's time to pop, put another 30A fuse in its place which also went pop as soon as I turned the ignition on, before even trying to start!!

Before I rip out the entire LPG system to look for any broken/chaffing wires etc. does anyone have any idea of a likely culprit? I can't see any obvious damage in the engine bay

Thanks in advance
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Permanent or switched supply? Fuse blown when running on petrol, on LPG or as as soon as you turn it on?
The fuse is on a line direct from the battery to the lpg computer, no switch and it blows within seconds of turning the ignition on, so it's in petrol mode, before the engine is started.

I've not had any LPG issues before this.
Does anyone know where I'd be able to geta wiring diagram from? Searching the net hasn't been helpful so far.

I've got a Bigas SGIS system installed

Update, just taken the ECU out and opened it up.

Looks like it's been opened before and it's looks like today ? can't see that's ever going to power up again without serious work!!

Tinley have a new one at £366.25!! Wow!!!

Before i even consider a replacement part, i need to see if a melted ecu is the cause of the problem, or if there's a short somewhere else that has overloaded it. That's beyond my expertise i think
Odd that they are so expensive as the Bigas is an AEB 2568 ECU with Bigas firmware. The same ECU is used by OMVL, King, Romano, Zavoli and a few others. Might be worth speaking to Tinley and seeing if the King badged version at almost half the price is interchangeable.
Cheers, will speak with them next week. Engine is poorly on cyl 4, new injector should hopefully sort that out this weekend. Not tested but pretty sure it's leaking badly

I don't mind running on petrol for a while as I don't do that many miles at the moment
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