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LPG Conversion - Added Value?

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I have an BRC LPG Duel Fuel conversion on my 2002 Vogue V8. I also know of several people in my area looking for a used V8 for LPG conversion. My question is this: What additional value, if any, do you think a quality £2.5K Duel Fuel conversion adds to a used 2002-2005 V8?

I ask as people looking to buy and convert will have to splash the £2.5K on top of their used RR purchase so existing conversion should add value. :?:
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I bought mine with LPG already fitted and paid 12k for it. 2003 Vogue 110,000 Miles Oct 2008
I paid 15k for my very clean 2003 with BRC LPG conversion but it only has 63000mls, Vogue spec, an as new cream interior, Black with lots of Chrome, FSH and New 20" Alloys/Tyres. If you take of the cost of the conversion I think its a very cheap car for mls and spec. With private plate it really looks quite new.
My 2003 Vogue has now done 86k of which 58k has been since I had a BRC LPG conversion 3 1/2 years ago! Was it worth it? Definately! As for adding value that depends on how much over 15k someone would be willing to pay me for it and all its extras!

Shortly will be looking to upgrade to a 2007-08 Vogue SE so we will see!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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