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LPG and Cat's (UK)

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Posted this in the Classic section but it is just as relevant for here.

Has anyone with a LPG conversion removed their catalytic converters and passed the immisions part of the MOT test?

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Yes. As long as you are running on gas when tested it's OK.
as above, the emissions test the mot station should be doing on a LPG presented car should be the non cat equiped test where there is no fast idle test.

I found this out this year and checked with my LR friendly tester who confirmed it to be the case in his testers manual. The non cat test has wider parameters and more leeway on the particulates and CO2 figures.

Mine on gas had very low particulates readings so I know all the fuel is being burnt and it's not running rich and CO2 readings very close to a 2 litre Mondeo tested earlier that same day, at least I know the motor is in top nick.

So if the ststion does the right test you should be ok.
LIRA said:
CO2 readings very close to a 2 litre Mondeo tested earlier that same day, at least I know the motor is in top nick.
:shock: Before you said that, I would never have thought it possible to be envious of anything to do with a 'mondeo' :lol:

Whenever this subject comes up, it always gets me fired up to de-cat mine too. In the absence of 'off the shelf' decat pipes, I don't fancy paying someone to butcher the originals which are still in good nick.

Are there any noticeable benefits in economy, performance, sound, etc?
Mine are a bit tinny/rattly and after 25 years I would expect them to be. Apparently there is a place nearby who are proper custom exhaust bods who will do it for £50 + the old cats (Worth £40 each for scrap) so I might go ahead then. Would be nice to have a low rumble rather than a metalic rattle.

The guys I used are in Newport on Mill parade, Welsh Coast Customs, no honestly sounds a bit "pimp my ride" doesn't it but they're good guys and the fitter there knows his stuff. You can find their contact details if you search in google for PowerFlow exhaust fitters/distributors. Mine's a full stainless performance custom fit jobbie with a lifetime guarantee, who's lifetime I'm not sure, probably that of a mayfly if you try to claim I imagine. :lol:

Where abouts are you in South Wales?.......hold the phone, you wouldn't be Roger from Llanharan would you?


You could have guessed by the name :lol:

Absolutely, a flash of inspiration it was. See you Wednesday evening, there'll be 16 or 17 of us I think, the area's growing steadily.
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