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Re: low petrol in tank and the supercharged engine did cut off

The source of the problem was described as follows: "The electrical harness power supply and ground for the auxiliary coolant pump may be cross connected in connector C3006. The pump will run backwards causing the Engine Control Module (ECM) to reduce power to prevent damage because the pump flow is low. The auxiliary coolant pump will be degraded under these conditions.
Action: Should a customer express concern, modify the wiring at connector C3006 to the correct positions:
• Cavity 1 connected to "-" pump connection Black (B) Brown (N)
• Cavity 2 connected to "+" pump connection Brown / Purple (NP) Red / White (RW)
Install a new supercharger coolant pump as part of the repair if either the fault codes or the incorrect wiring is discovered following the repair."
So only fix if a a customer express's concern. Let the others die in head on collisions!!!! This should be an immediate re-call for effected cars surely..... :naughty:
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