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Low engine coolant warning '10 RRS

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have gotten 2 low engine coolant warning in the past 2 days. checked the coolant levels and they seem fine. '10 RRS HSE LUX with 4K miles. when i shut down and restart, the warning goes away. i thought it was gone for good, then it came back again. now it is gone. i'm assuming a faulty sensor of some sort, and will bring in to have them take a look, just curious if that's one of the common '10 bugs... thanks
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Yes, it's a documented issue with the floating switch in the coolant expansion tank of some 2010s (we had an almost identical issue back in 2006, so don't feel too bad...), you can view related TSB here.
thanks! gonna bring it in thursday and get the fix...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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