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Hi, I purchased an 04 Range Rover about 2 weeks ago from a private owner. I went to see the vehicle a couple of times before I bought it, however each time it was broad daylight out. After I bought the Rover...while driving home, I noticed one of the low beam headlights was out. I called the person who I bought the vehicle from and he basically told me to get bent....not his responsibility anymore! I've taken the truck to the Land Rover dealership and they told me the problem was the ignitor. I came home and found an ignitor on Ebay (seller says it works but who knows) and bought it. I took the vehicle and part to a reputable mechanic who installed it...but still no lights. Forgot to mention I also bought a set of perfectly new Zenon HID bulbs too! Still nothing. Tomorrow (jan. 5th) I'm taking the vehicle back to the dealership to see what they're gonna tell me this time. They told me that the ignitor and installation would cost $710. I'm pissed and also kinda embarrassed. I mean how can you tell someone 'Yeah I got a Range Rover....but fyi...one of the headlights don't work...AND OH BY THE WAY...I'VE ONLY HAD IT FOR 2 WEEKS')! So I guess I have 2 thing that I'm wondering...1)has anyone else has had this same problem (with the headlights)....and 2)can anyone give me some suggestions to help get past this problem.
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