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2007 Range Rover sport.
i have had this loud tapping noise for a while it could be a lot of things timing chain, timing chain tensioners etc.
i did have it looked at awhile ago and was told they would have to take the engine apart and hope for the best and that will be 5k thank you Captain Ken
So now i notice when my gas level in the gas tank gets below 1/4 full the loud noise goes away.
Could it be something simple. It’s just weird or might be a coincidence. No codes

I really don’t want to drive around with less than a quarter tank of gas and go 20 miles and put a little more gas in i already turn the radio up and ya i tell people its a diesel because you can hear it coming.
So any suggestions would be appreciated.
Hopefully something other than 5k and hope for the best money is really tight right now my wife is in really bad shape needs 24/7 care and caregivers are expensive but that’s another story.
Mahalo, Range Rover Brothers.
Capt Ken

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AFAIK, the 4.2 supercharged and 4.4 N/A V8's never have timing chain problems. They are also port injected, and not DI, so they should not sound rattly/diesel-y.

The sound could be something as simple as a loose/worn pulley tensioner, but any decent mechanic shop would've figured that out. You could also try a full fuel system/injector cleaning and see if that helps.
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