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hi guys ,
had a 2006 rangerover sport tdv6 since last year .
all been fine until past week the car has been throwing a number of faults up !
randomly will be driving alone and 3 thing have been happening
fault on dash shows up .. 'suspension fault vehicle lean when cornering" ( goes off after restart and is fine)
at the same time central locking locks and unlockes whilst driving ,
then I get a message on cd player screen "vehicle fault system shutting down" system shuts down knocks all radio/satnav off then restarts and is ok !
today I had like a headlamp icon show up when I went to start it and it wouldn't start , turned ignition off and on a few times and it started fine ,

I checked that battery and it was ok as it was only a year old ( was a cheap battery that the other person had fitted so I change it the other day for a yuasa but the problem keeps happening every day,

had it code read and cleared the re read after the car did the same thing again so I had a fresh set of codes t work from ,

her are the many codes its showing

uo140 lost communication with body control module
u0300 internal control module software incompatibility
audio front control interface module
u0010 medium speed can communication bus
u0300 internal control module software incompatibility
u2003 fibre optic communincation bus
park assist
u0155 lost communication with instrument cluster control module
parking brake
c1a55 ignition switch imput circuit
steering angle sensor module
u0122 lost communication with vehiche dynamics module
u0010 medium speed can communication bus
u0001 high speed can communication bus
u0102 lost communication with transfer case module
u0132 lost communication with ride level control module
u0182 lost communication with front lighting control module
u0159 lost control with parking assist control module
u0184lost communication with audio unit
dynamic response module
u0155lost comminucation with instrument cluster control module
ride level control module
u0434 invalid data received from dynamic response module
instrument pack
transfer case
u0155 lost communication with instrument cluster control module
antilock brakes

im used to a discovery td5 not the rangerovers so all new to me , I was thinking maybe a bad earth somewhere ?
I fitted a dedicated brink towbar wiring kit about 2 weeks ago but cars been fine up to now ,

any help would be very much appreciated

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Seems similar to the other thread. The other thread had a guy with a 'good' battery as well , but possibly a messed up starter. Another poster told us that all the computers talk to each other and what I got from that is that if there is a drop in voltage anywhere along the line, then faults will be thrown. Maybe you're right... bad ground somewhere?

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Every little code in the system continues to be recorded even when they are no longer an issue - they still logged in until cleared. So first job is to clear all those codes and see what comes back - those that do will be real.

Also with a major fault it can cause secondary faults which are a result of the first.

Normally I would say on those that you have listed that you probably have a battery issue but you seem to have that covered. Next is that you have an alternator problem - it can cause cascading faults.

So I would do a hard reset of the ECUs to reboot them (take battery cables off the battery and touch the two cables together - this drains residual voltages in the systems and resets them - NOTE CABLES MUST BE OFF THE BATTERY.

Then reset the codes and start - in the ideal world all you faults will be gone but possibly not - read the codes and it should point you to the area where the main fault is - possibly the alternator - is a relatively easy job on a TDV6.

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