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Hi first of all sorry ive been a frequent reader but like most of us never joined until a serious problem occours (like I have now)

I searched and searched but always find the question is AUTO box related. I have a 1996 p38 2.5 bmw engined MANUAL gearbox, was driving home today and heared a bang like it had jumped out of gear but i was still in gear now I cant move at all no matter what gear im in hi or lo ratio or reverse.

I checked the transfer selector motor and thats swapping over fine but still no drive, if I put it in gear and look under the props are NOT turning but if i turn the prop by hand it moves the other prop and as such moves the vehicle, niether prop turns freely so im ruling out broken diffs.

Clutch feels fine to as although the car doesnt move I still need the clutch to get gears.

it feels like the transfer is in neutral. despite taking off the motor and manually selecting hi or lo by moving the selector shaft it still feels like neutral.

someone suggest transfer box chain but thats a big job to take off to inspect isnt it?

I was off roading YESTERDAY but on very very mild certainly no abuse and when this went i was driving home steady at 45-50mph

Thanks in advance people.
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