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lost another engine

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lost the engine in my 92 rrc several years ago, the return water hose leaked and lost coolan. took a whik eto diagnose, etc. etc., cracked the bklock or slipped the liner. new heads and gasket didnt fix it.

the 95 towards the ends of the summer overheated for no apparent reason, after idlin g for a few minutes unattended, i'm guessing the rad must have been clogged with mud. i still drive it, seems fine on long trips, but a vacuum leak develops if idling too long and the rpms rise with the temp gauge.

The front clip is damaged and mangled so the poor truck doesnt look like much, bu tI'd hate to send it to the crusher or even worse, sell it to an unsuspecing buyer.

I have a 4.6 in my 01 HSE, runs great, but for that price I could do an awsome performance engine and conversion, so I'm stuck, dont know what to do with her.

the bellhousing is the same as the buick/ olds/ pontiac like the early 215 that was sold to Rover, right?
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I have a good 3.9 in my parts truck if you needed it to bring her back to life. Its got no spark but I think it would be an easy fix. Or you could bring her to me and I could part her out or fix her up :D How is the rust on her, is she worth fixing?
it's a great truck, less then average rust, some spots around the reart door and under the hood. hate to see her parted out but she's a great tril rig. In one piedce enough for the street and beat up enough to go wheeling and not care too much.

Well if you need the engine and would help me take it out I could almost give it to you. I have a big garage, air tools and a engine hoist too, just be a bit of a drive for you. My 93 lwb is in about 100 pieces being painted, I am getting ready to post some pics here soon.
are you in a hurry to pull the engine or can it wait?
It can wait, when would you be able to come out if you want it? I have a wood stove in the shop but its not insulated so if you have no time we could wait for spring.
I'm working every 3rd weekend andI have my kid every other. unless we try to do it one night after work/. where exactly do you live?
I live in Brechin, Google maps says about 3 to 4 hours from London.
I could always take it out for you, do you have a way to get it home? I would imagine it would only take me a day or so including a compression check and to check the fluids for possible problems.
about 4 weekends from now I'm free, I could run up and spend the day helping you stirp if weather cooperates. I can always rent a trailer
Sounds good, I have a trailer but it might be easier for you to just rent one then to bring mine back. I am putting plastic on the ceiling of the shop so that should help keep the heat in. I also have my eye out for a radiant heater because its going to take me half the winter to finish what I am doing with my truck. I will PM you my cell number when I get my replacement phone.
sounds like a plan
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