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Loose Steering Shaft??

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So for the past few months I've been feeling this clunking when turning the wheel while going over dips or bumps. Feels like the shaft is actually loose when the wheel is turned more than about 90deg. The dealer tried to pass it off as "normal". I wouldn't expect a clunk like this considering the rack is bolted to the frame unless the shaft is actually loose.

Tonight while looking around I pull off the cover on the brake MC reservoir. I can see the shaft as it comes through the firewall, so I grab it and try to move it. It actually bangs around quite a bit! It's like something is loose and would explain the feeling in the steering wheel!!

Can anyone confirm that this is supposed to be loose?? Can you feel play in this part of the shaft??

I need to take it in soon for a "Suspension Fault" light soon. Seems like the Left-Rear sensor as I can watch the screen and suddenly see the LR wheel show full up.

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Oh - this is an '06 RRS HSE.
Sumthin' didn't look right about the rubber grommet at the firewall, either. I'll have to check again and get a picture. There was a mention of things having to be collapsable, but I also wouldn't expect that looseness.

Appreciate you grabbin' your shaft when you get a chance....
Would you say there is excessive play in the upper steering shaft?
Yep, I figure if I can feel it in the wheel, then it's excessive. Does seem in line with the TSB. I played with my shaft again and the grommet/bushings at the firewall and plastic "box" are fine. Why would there be any play in the joint at part #1 in the diagram - the one shown in the inset?? Why would a sliding shaft, #5, be needed except in a front collision?? To take up slack from the body mounts?? Or is the steering rack bolted to a subframe that can move?? I typically feel the clunk going over bumps, so something must be moving.

The dealer hasn't replaced any of the steering shaft in the 5 times I've had the RRS in. When I take it in next I'll have them look at it - should be soon when my airbag cover arrives. Or I'll try the dealer that's closer to work next time. The "normal" dealer is closer to home but in the opposite direction of work.
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Re: Loose Steering Shaft?? - UPDATE!

Fixed!(??) Had the RRS to the dealer this morning. Originally to have the airbag cover replaced for curling, which had been on back-order. I was also getting an intermittent suspension fault that would go on and off while driving or stopped. Kept the "4x4 Info" screen on and noticed the Left-Rear wheel going full high to full-low, then a fault light. They replaced both rear sensors, so we'll see if it's fixed.

BUT - I mentioned the loose shaft and they replaced the intermediate shaft. The clunk in the steering seems to be gone so far. A few weeks or so of driving should shake it out. They replaced all this while I was waiting - got a lot of work done there at least!

Hopefully this stays fixed! Steering feels a little tighter and much more solid.
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