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Loose Steering Shaft??

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So for the past few months I've been feeling this clunking when turning the wheel while going over dips or bumps. Feels like the shaft is actually loose when the wheel is turned more than about 90deg. The dealer tried to pass it off as "normal". I wouldn't expect a clunk like this considering the rack is bolted to the frame unless the shaft is actually loose.

Tonight while looking around I pull off the cover on the brake MC reservoir. I can see the shaft as it comes through the firewall, so I grab it and try to move it. It actually bangs around quite a bit! It's like something is loose and would explain the feeling in the steering wheel!!

Can anyone confirm that this is supposed to be loose?? Can you feel play in this part of the shaft??

I need to take it in soon for a "Suspension Fault" light soon. Seems like the Left-Rear sensor as I can watch the screen and suddenly see the LR wheel show full up.

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I haven't played around with steering components for long time thank goodness(I used to have an M3 track car that ate racks for some reason), and I don't have my RRS with me today other wise I'd check mine.

But, you're saying if you grab the steering shaft coming out of the firewall before it gets to the universal joint (I am assuming that's how it terminates to the rack on the RRS--never know on this car), its loose? If that's the case, you're right, something does not sound right. Not sure what goes on inside the steering tube inside the car---all this stuff needs to be collapsible for safety, but the actual steering shaft connecting to the rack should not be loose. There should be a rubber or PU bushing coming out of the firewall which the steering shaft comes through--on a visual inspection is this somehow compromised?
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:lol: I could call the wife at home and have her check the shaft, but that's not happening we've been married too long.

Not to complicate this and I don't have a blowup(man this thread is going downhill :eek: ) on the RRS steering column so I don't know if this could be related, but Porsches have a pretty common problem in the steering shaft with a particular bushing that sounds like your symptom--but its higher up near the wheel. Maybe we have something similar too?


I would also have the shop check the u-joint for excessive play.
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