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Looking at a 95 LWB today

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So I sold my 93 Land Cruiser, as great of a car as it was, I missed the old Rovers.

Yesterday a Roman Bronze 95 Classic popped up on craigslist. It's a LWB, 130k miles and needs a little work. Right now, the rear differential is completely shot. The back seat windows don't work, but other than that it is apparently solid. And it is still on EAS. I'm going to look at it today at 2pm. He is asking $1,700, and I was thinking if I got him down to $1,100 or $1,200 I would take it...

Any comments?
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The roof rack is worth $1100. It's almost embaressing how little these cars sell for. The gold is a nice color. Seats can be found for cheap if your patient. I bought the nicest interior I ever had for $350 including door panels. Diffs can be had for $400 or find one in a bone yard for as little as $35.
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