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Looking at a 95 LWB today

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So I sold my 93 Land Cruiser, as great of a car as it was, I missed the old Rovers.

Yesterday a Roman Bronze 95 Classic popped up on craigslist. It's a LWB, 130k miles and needs a little work. Right now, the rear differential is completely shot. The back seat windows don't work, but other than that it is apparently solid. And it is still on EAS. I'm going to look at it today at 2pm. He is asking $1,700, and I was thinking if I got him down to $1,100 or $1,200 I would take it...

Any comments?
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Nice buy. I have a write up on putting Disco 2 seats into the classic if you want to replace the nasty seats. Then you can add racing harnesses. You can find D2s at junkyards every where and buy the sets for around $100 out of it.

The rear diff is just a $300 axel off ebay away from being fixed.

Change all the fluids. Engine, trans, transfer, axels, and swivel housings. Odds are the swivel housing are almost out of oil and speedy lude put 90wt gear oil into the transfer case that requires ATF. I would also flush the brake system out, using the propper Castrol DOT4, more than likely someone has topped it off with DOT3 or some cheap crap. So just spend a day covered in oils and just get it all over with. :thumb:

When you have a little green to toss around you should do a Rovertym 3in supension lift and a 2in body lift and run a set of 235/85R16 BFG KO's.
And I would also scrap that purple tint. :mrgreen:
Just do the lift and a set of cheap M/Ts then. They will do fine off-road but since its a beach cruiser for the most part there isnt much point in spending the money for KO's.

You can buy cheap seat covers off ebay and that way your seat wont eat you wallet and phone (speaking from expirence).

I would get on the fluids if the past owner is a fool. I bet you a envelope full of Rover bumper stickers that the swivel joints are dry as a bone. $900 to repair a blown one doing the work yourself.

Wet sand the faded areas. If that dosn't clean them up you can reclear it yourself for cheap. Make it look new.

I would do the coolant system flush as CSK said and add GM coolant leak tabs into the system to stop any future leaks.

Good luck with the new toy.
Another will show up on ebay or craigslist. Just wait and hunt in other cities.

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