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Looking at a 95 LWB today

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So I sold my 93 Land Cruiser, as great of a car as it was, I missed the old Rovers.

Yesterday a Roman Bronze 95 Classic popped up on craigslist. It's a LWB, 130k miles and needs a little work. Right now, the rear differential is completely shot. The back seat windows don't work, but other than that it is apparently solid. And it is still on EAS. I'm going to look at it today at 2pm. He is asking $1,700, and I was thinking if I got him down to $1,100 or $1,200 I would take it...

Any comments?
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Lived in Santa Barbara, CA its entire life, buying from the second owner (potentially). No rust issues. Apparently still on its first tail gate.

Here's the ad: http://santabarbara.craigslist.org/cto/1567232817.html
I put a deposit on it today, I'll pay for it tomorrow. $1,100. Oh and the best part: It was on coils.

Here are 3 bad pics.

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Leather is ehh. Reason being, the drivers seat is kinda loking old, but the rest looks amazing. As in no one must have sat in the passenger or rear seats often.

Wood is interesting. It's in really really good shape, except the piece on the passenger side door is missing completely. I'm not sure where to find a replacement for that, except for hitting up the salvage yards.
Doctor Leo said:
When you have a little green to toss around you should do a Rovertym 3in supension lift and a 2in body lift and run a set of 235/85R16 BFG KO's.
Haha I know. Look how wimpy the 205s look on it.

I definitely will pass on the Disco seats. The drivers side is the only bad seat, and honestly, it isn't that bad. Considering this truck was bought for the surfboards and beach gear, no reason to even bother re-upholstering it.


As far as fluids, yeah, everything needs to be done. It's kind of funny, the guy literally HAS NO IDEA what this car is. He said "Range Rover, its bad ass, and its flashy and a blast to drive." Im standing there smiling, thinking god, who is stupid enough to let a differential completely blow up.

The clearcoat on the paint isn't great, by all means, but with the gold, you really can't tell from more than a foot away.
Some bad news... I had to cancel my check (deposit), as he stopped returning my calls... I guess it wasn't meant to be. Well, anyone else see any good ones in SoCal? I'm on the prowl...
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