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Locks have a mind of their own?!?

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I have encountered a strange problem. It started two days ago, and is getting worse.

I would like to mention that I did search this, and I also read over the Door Lock Failure help page on rr.net. My problem is similar, but also different. Here's my issue.

The other day I was driving to work, and the car locked itself randomly. It used to do this from time to time, and I just dismissed it as I always have. It then unlocked itself about 10 seconds later, and I again dismissed it. However, as the day went on, it did it once or twice again - much more frequently than I'm used to. The following day, the same problem ensued, however, only the driver's door (LHD) this time. It did it a couple more times throughout the day, but the car still locked and unlocked fine. Today as I got home from work, I went to lock my car, and only the driver door locked. (I should mention that the batteries on my remote are dead, and I've been using the key to lock and unlock the car for the past two years). I tried locking and unlocking a couple of times, and only the driver door responded. If I opened the rear door when the driver door was locked, nothing happened. I then tried using the remote while the key was in the door, and it had just enough juice to lock the car. I then unlocked it with they key, but only the driver door unlocked, and the alarm sounded when I opened the door. I had to re-lock the car with the remote again to shut off the alarm - the key wouldn't do it. I've left it at that - locked by whatever juice is in the remote, hoping that tomorrow it will unlock it one more time. Until I fix the problem, I'll just have to clear out the car and keep it unlocked.

I've been having issues with the power window on the same door if it makes any difference, and whenever the window acted up, I occasionally got a warning on the dash saying something along the lines of "Anti Trap Off" (I think off, maybe on?) but I haven't been able to look into that yet. My issues with the window are in a related forum post http://rangerovers.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=39131

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I would say your outstation in the drivers door is the first place to look. Mine does not like heat at all so i park it in the shade.
If your window struggles to close it says that anti trap is off to push through the "obstruction".
I have researched this problem thoroughly as my truck has the same problem only maybe worse (they lock/unlock constantly) and my alarm will sound if i use the key to unlock the driver door and as mentioned previously it does seem to be a bit worse when it warms up outside. From what I have gathered (haven't actually fixed it yet) the culprit is the driver door latch actuator (when worn it cant read whether the driver door is locked or not). This has been confirmed to me as the likely suspect from several sources.
I will be checking into the actuator aswell. Thanks! eventhough this wasn't my thread! :thumb:
stevelkinevil said:
(when worn it cant read whether the driver door is locked or not)
This makes sense. I forgot to mention that my driver's door has been somewhat harder to open over the last year or two. It occasionally needs a good tug before the door handle releases and the door opens. This I am assuming is also a sign of wear and tear, and is further evidence to support your idea. Thanks, I'll check into it.
Do you simply recommend replacing the actuator?
jmason said:
Do you simply recommend replacing the actuator?
The door lock units are a fully self contained housing. Replace the whole unit. It's about 150x60x30mm.
I had similar symptoms. Our locks would lock and unlock frequently while driving the 4.6. A new driver's door latch fixed that. The latch has sensors that sense when it is being locked or unlocked via the key or the pull knob and it communicates that with the rest of the locks in the car. Those symptoms result from the sensor failing.

I was unable to sync my remote in the Rhino. A new door latch fixed that.

The window strain could be because it is munching on the door latch wiring harness. That could cause both issues. More likely, the window mechanism just needs lubing.

http://www.roverparts.com/Nxt/search.as ... r+4.6+(P38)
When I had the same lock problems with mine, I removed the lock assy (not the barrel) and carefully stripped cleaned and lubricated everything, theres lots of bits and bobs in there so take your time but it cured all the problems including an intermittant rear tailgate switch failure.

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