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I'm wondering if anyone is aware of a way the off-road height can be locked on? I'd like to run a dedicated mudder on my 2008 RRSS, however I need about another 1.5" of lift to get the tire I want to fit. Since the off-road setting is basically an adjustable lift kit it seemed like a good place to start. Curious if anyone has heard of this being done before, knows of an aftermarket chips, or something to that effect.

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Not heard of anyone locking it into offroad height without doing one of the following:

1. Buy a lift kit from Rovertym (talk to Jordan) - easy switch in/out of the current ride height sensors but with only 1 length to choose from, or from Sasquatch - adjustable ride height sensors (I think he's an SCLR member) and I've seen his stuff on Ebay before.

2. Doing the suspension software trick - this would mean finding an independent LR shop to adjust this for you so that the computer believes it's in offroad mode when it really is in standard mode.

If doing this, remember to get an alignment once in the locked height, or the Coopers are going to wear out much faster.

Post pics!
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