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Locking issue

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I've been having an intermittent locking issue. Often times when I try to lock my vehicle with either the fob or by touching the handle the vehicle won't lock. When trying to lock with the fob I get 2 "beeps/honks". There is no fob/activity key in the car. If I subsequently drive the car somewhere else it will then magically work. Then later in the day or the next day it will stop working again.

Anyone else having this issue?

RR is two weeks old. 2019 Supercharged V8.

I also have the vehicle scheduled for its second service visit already for another error "blind spot fault". First visit was to update the software to 18D (which I requested at time of delivery but never happened).

Thx in advance.
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This will most likely be because the car thinks one of the doors / boot is open. I would try opening and shutting each door and then retrying to see if you can pinpoint which one is the issue.
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