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Locking gas cap door replacement instructions

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Anyone have procedures on how to replace the locking mechanism on the gas cap lid/cover for 13 RRS SC?
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Do you need to replace the actual solenoid or has the nylon clip on the door broken off?
The flange that locks it in place is broken. The piece on the left side broke buy I bought all 5 pieces to replace them all.


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I guess the actual name for it is the fuel filler latch.
On the car side remove the center part, i pop them up with a screwdriver and then out. it is 3 pieces. Since you have the pieces the center part comes out 1st and then the U shaped piece and spring will come out. Just put it back in the same way, spring, U piece and then the center piece.

I hope that makes sense.
My gas flap is getting hard to open (usually have to push the cover in hard several times to get it to unlock/pop out) and I'm worried it might just not open at all one day.

I guess I should try replacing the fuel filler latch as Special Ed described above?
Can you give me the part number(s) for the replacement latch parts please?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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