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Hi all, I've searched the forum for an answer to my problem and tried everything I've read so far but achieved nothing. Last week I locked my 2002 L322 (lock pressed once so I guess it's superlocked). I returned 20mins later and it would not unlock on the key fob. I tried the manual unlock and that wouldn't work either.

Roadside recovery came out and suggested it was the battery. They wedged the door and managed to get the bonnet open (setting off the alarm multiple times in the process). The battery was fine and giving it an additional boost did nothing. I took the key to a local locksmith who tested it. The key was giving out an intermittent signal but it was transmitting. They could offer no solution other than drilling out the lock. Trying to avoid this I searched the forums for ways of unlocking the door. Tried pressing interior lock again by wedging the door ajar slightly but that did nothing as expected. Tried pressing the hazards as one post suggested this would help - also no effect. With the bonnet open tried a hard battery reset but that did nothing. Finally tried accessing through the tailgate and the traditional method down the window but had no joy with either of those.

I understand I'm asking for an illegal way to enter the car or some other failsafe members might know of before I smash a window so if anyone has any suggestions and could private message me I'd very much appreciate it. If I could get into the thing I'd stand a better chance of repairing one of the many problems it has developed and can't afford the local dealership's quotes for assessments never mind what it would cost to have them repair it.

Many thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.
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