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I will fill you up regarding the codes within 2 weeks (I've left my RRSsc in the garage to be fixed and will not be picking it up by 15th) but it had exactly the same two codes (both banks lean). So far I've only cleaned the MAF sensor (to no avail), didn't even had time to swap it with a working one from my Disco (LR3 for you on the far side of the pond) in step two.

These codes can actually show up for three reasons (mostly): a shot MAF sensor (there's an extremely cheap cure for this*), one of four O2 sensors shot (this gets expensive) or air leak somewhere between the MAF and the combustion chamber. The mating surface between the supercharger and the intake manifold may be a culprit here, but once I will know it, I will tell.

Also: the older engines used to flash these codes for no reason at all and a software update for the engine ECU cured this, but I don't know about the MY09. Perhaps? Your IID Tool will be able to update all the ECUs in your car to the newest available versions.

* oh, and the MAF. The MAF used on 4.2 and 4.4 Land Rover engines from the RR Sport (LR3, FFRR) is EXACTLY the same unit as used on a 1998-2003 Mazda 323 1.5 litre 16v (BJ generation). This Mazda 323 generation and this engine ONLY. As I was browsing the listings, the "Mazda" unit is about 10 times cheaper, while being exactly the same hardware.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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