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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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my name is Mark and I am located in Frankfurt Germany.

I recently bought a P38 1997 GEMS.

I knew it needed a few things sorting out and the pre-owner spent a lot of time and money on it already.

Currently, I need some help with the electric side.

The License plate bulbs are always on, as soon as the battery is connected. no way to turn them off. This of course drains the battery pretty quickly.
Also the interior bulbs have all been removed by the pre-owner, I suppose there was some issue too.

And I saw the driver side seat (as I am in Germany, my car is LHD), wont move. The passenger seat works well.

Might these problems be related somehow?

In case this makes a difference: the car has been converted to coil springs.

I have not been able to drive the car yet, as it has no valid TÜV. So I need to get these issues sorted before it can go back on the road.

Do you have any hints for me on how to get started on this problem?

The pre-owner even gave me a second battery which suggests the car has had an issue for a while.

I have now disconnected the license plate bulbs so I will check tomorrow if the battery is still charged. Otherwise I always need to disconnect the battery.


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