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My drivers side window won't remember it's set (all the others are OK). After I set it, I can run it down then right back up all day long, but if I leave it down more than a few minutes, when I put it back up it beeps, window not set... Immediately re-set it and it'll go up/down automatically again.

The problem didn't exist before I replaced the regulator, which was going bad: there was 1/4" of play in the pivot.

The replacement came out of the red rover, where it had no issues, it's fairly new as it was bolted into Red and the grease hadn't even blackened yet.

There's an adjustment for the up/down hard-stop, but no description in Rave of how to adjust that (that I found).


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A few weeks back another indy near me told me that the BeCM had to be replaced to cure the very same problem you mentioned...

But I was under the impression its the outstations that control the window settings for front doors

Once in a blue moon I get the same issue so Im thinking bad/dirty connection somewhere
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