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Thought I would share this fix here as I could not find any follow up posts with the fix for my issue that appeared in my 2006 range rover sport supercharged last month.

Randomly my speedometer stopped working and my dashboard lit up with fault lights for the ABS, DSC, Brakes, parking brake, dynamic headlights and the check engine light. This was during a snow storm and once the car dried out after the storm the lights went away and the speedometer started working again.

About 2-3 weeks after this the lights came back on again after washing the car and this time they did not go out again on their own. My code scanner pointed to a faulty left rear speed sensor. I started by cleaning the left rear abs sensor which did not fix the issue. My next step was replacing the sensor since I was able to find one for $30, this also did not fix the issue. So the search began on this forum and YouTube for a solution to my issue.

After scouring the posts on rangerovers.net I found this post with a good description of how to diagnose the cause of this issue, but also with the disappointing conclusion that this is usually caused by the ABS ecu failing in some of the older rovers/bmw's:

https://www.rangerovers.net/forum/6-range-rover-mark-iii-l322/43573-eas-inactive-brake-abs-3.htm follow the link to the BMW forum for a comprehensive guide on how to test this circuit.

Here is how I found the fix for my Rover:

For reference if you have this issue the resistance across a good ABS sensor with your multimeter set to the 2000 scale should be approx. 480 to 500 ohms in one direction and infinite/OL/1 in the opposite direction.

First I disconnected the harness from the ABS ecu in the engine bay:


I then disconnected the left rear speed sensor and jumped the connector with a small wire:

Bridged ABS connector close.jpg

Looking at the base of the connector I was able to see that the wires for the left rear sensor in my Rover were White and White with a Yellow stripe. I then went back to the ABS ecu harness and placed pins in the corresponding connectors that had the white and white/yellow wires which I found by disassembling the harness (cut the zip tie at the base and release two clips on the bottom) and attached my multi-meter leads with alligator clips

Testing Pins.jpg

I set the multi-meter to test for continuity:


And I got nothing, my multi-meter has an audible tone when there is continuity. So I knew that there was an issue with continuity coming from the connector at the sensor to the harness in the engine bay. I first checked continuity through the sensor connector which was good and through the harness in the engine bay which was also good so I then knew it was an issue with the wire between the two. It took a while to find the actual location of the problem, after checking multiple areas that I thought it might be in(left rear wheel well & drivers foot well), I finally found it in the front left wheel well behind the plastic fender liner. I had to remove the entire fender liner which was held in with 4 or 5 screws and 4 or 5 retaining clips:
Wheel Well.jpg

The offending wire was in the wheel well towards the back of the car and had a small pinhole in the insulation with green corrosion coming out of it:

Pinhole far.jpg

Pinhole close.jpg

I was able to cut out the bad section of wire and repaired it with a butt splice connector(probably not the best way to repair it, but it was the easiest way to do it with the amount of space I had to work in)

Repair close.jpg

Once I connected the wire I had continuity all the way to the back of the car. I removed my jumper wire from the connector, re-attached everything and all of my warning lights and check engine lights disappeared after a few drive cycles!

I did find a video on YouTube with someone trying to fix the same issue. Their solution was to bypass the bad wires, the production value is off the charts with this video!


I hope this helps at least one person out there with this problem!!!

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Well done and very much appreciated.

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Thumbs up!
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