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Ok guys, I've had an issue for almost a year now and need some help. I'll try to explain as clearly as possible.

On my 87' Classic, when i flip on the right hand turn signals, everything functions properly. When i flip to left hand turn signals, there is a draw (all lights go dim) and the fuse will pop if i let it flash more than 2 or 3 times. A local shop had it for about a month and gave up. They replaced the turn signal switch (I told them that wouldn't fix it) and it didnt fix anything. They supposedly traced all the wiring involved and found no bad grounds or exposed wires, etc.

Now my uncle has been working on it off and on for the past month or two and he is stumped as well. He says, hes tested all fuses and relays, traced all wires and cannot find any reason for the issue.

also, when the truck is turned off, there is a drain on the battery as well, so I've been having to disconnect the battery when it sits more than a day or so. Now this all started (and it may have been a coincidence) when I was towing a K5 blazer for my uncle back to his house. The morning we headed out to pick up the blazer, we had to wire up a harness for the trailer lights real quick and could never get it working exactly right, but did get it good enough. On the way home as I was braking coming to a stop light, the fuse popped and ever since then I've had this issue. I've taken the wiring harness off for the trailer lights and it changed nothing. I'm at a loss now....so any ideas would be appreciated. and by the way I'm an electrical moron, so speak in moron terms please!

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