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LED Trailer Lights

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Anyone have a solution for stoping my LED trailer lights from pulsing when the RR is off? I know I could pull the 7-pin plug, but there has to be a better way!

Also, I would imagine they are pulsing as I am driving down the road.



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they pulse as you drive along too ... its a slow on, off, on, off pulse rather than the fast blink.

Solution ? Dont have one as yet. I was thinking along the lines of an inline relay setup. So the relay would stop the small pulse reaching the bulbs as the pulse wouldn't close the relay, but when the circuit was given full power, the relay would close and let the power through. Somewhat convoluted solution, but its all I can think of.
do you guys have the genuine land rover trailer wiring harnesses?
Yeah, I got the harness from LR, and have a non-LR towbar ( Witter )

It does pop up errors on the dash regarding the tail lights as they are LED, but when connected to a normal bulb, it all works fine, no errors. I'm not in any doubt that the harness is working correctly.

Its down to the ECU portion that senses the lights and whether they are working. It pulses the car all the time ( goodness knows why even when its been off for hours ) and with filament bulbs you dont see it, but with LED's you do.

I've had a number of different LED bulbs across different trailers and they all exhibit the pulsing.
Yep - genuine Land Rover part. Still pulses the LED lights.
The "Search" function seems to be down at the moment, but if I recall there is a resistor or something that can be put in series with the trailer's electrical connection that will correct the issue with LED trailer lights. I think it has something to do with the reduced electrical demand of LEDs as compared to the "old fashioned" light bulb used in previous trailer generations. I know I've read about it somewhere here before.
I dont know whether it will stop the pulsing, but the resistor would stop the issue of the bulb failure messages appearing.
Well, gotta figure this out. Maybe the easiest solution will be new trailer lights, but that seems lame.

The LED's flicker so much that the alarm goes off. Not cool at 1 in the morning.

Will figure it out tomorrow.
another alternative is to look into the navcoder software. You can use that ( plus some other hardware ) to tap into the ibus, and i've read that one of the codes it can change is the light checking.

No whether that just removes any display of bulb errors from the dash, or whether it disables checks being done ( the pulsing ) I dont know.

Another browse around the forums and web suggested that there are LED bulbs out now which have circuits on them to stop the bulb errors. Again whether they simply stop errors but not the flashing I dont know.
Would this posting address the topic, or is it different?

New trailer lights ordered. Going for old school tech - incandescent bulbs!!

I'll report back the findings, but I expect it to work.
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